What Are The Causes Of Spilt Ends And Frizzy Hair
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What Are The Causes Of Spilt Ends And Frizzy Hair

There are various causes of spilt ends and frizzy hair and this will depend on your hair type. Generally, it is caused by four factors and these are the heat damage, environment aspects, chemicals and extreme dryness. Heat damage refers to the use of dryers, curling irons, rollers and flat irons. Environment factors are the contaminants, chlorine and sun. Chemicals refer to bleaching, relaxing, perms, straightening and coloring. Extreme dryness means the lack of moisture.

When it comes to frizz, it means different things to various people. Commonly it refers to the lack of control, dryness, crinkling, flyaway and split ends. These symptoms are generally caused by the dryness of the follicles.

Sometimes it is also caused by hair damage which makes the follicles weak or broke. If you are experiencing spilt ends and frizzy hair then the good news is there are ways that it can be fixed. The ideal way of making your hair natural, healthy, smooth and normal is to determine its cause so that you can prevent it from happening. However, figuring out its cause seems to be hard.

The key element for control, softness and smoothness is the moisture. Excessive exposure to the sunlight can weaken the moisture from the scalp and the hair. However, the sunlight is only a minor cause of the problem. There are still a lot of things that can make your hair fray and split. One of its major causes is the use of products which contains harsh ingredients. Women should know that when they use chemical treatments, the moisture will vanish and the protective oils will be eliminated. As a result the follicles will be broken. This problem can be caused by excessive coloring and other chemicals as a form of regular treatment. Women should avoid hair products which contains alcohol since alcohol can easily dry the hair quickly.

Heat can generally cause spilt ends and frizzy hair. How many times do you use your curling iron in a week? Are you blowing your hair daily? Do you use a flat iron to style your hair? If all your answers to these questions are yes then there is definitely a frizz problem. Heat is just like chemicals which can cause breakage and brittleness to the hair. Most often if you comb or brush your hair all the time, it can result to split ends. When your hair ends split, it can make your hair look frizzy. It is important to comb your hair but if you do this too often then it can lead to split ends.

The best way of treating your frizzy hair is to start the treatment from within the body. By having a healthy diet which is rich in minerals and vitamins then your body will be provided with everything you need such as protecting the follicles of your hair. If you do not have a good diet then you will just be wasting some money in buying those hair care products. Most people are having a difficult time in eating a good diet.