Ways to Increase Weight

Ways to Increase Weight

Do you think you are a slim/sleek person?

Do you think your underweight as per your height?

Do you think your weight is not apt for your age?

Although many people have lots of options to lose their weight but comparatively the mechanism to increase the weight for a slender (slim) person is less. You may want to increase your weight for several reasons like to build mass for weight lifting or to fill out a bit so you look and feel better. Thus these tips will definitely help you to find solutions to your problems.

Gaining weight can be done in many ways:

  • HEALTHY MANNER ( diet with nutritional food)
  • UNHEALTHY MANNER ( fatty foods)
  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS (Glucose or protein tablets)

HEALTHY WAY is to maintain proper diet and eat healthy food like avocados (fruit), serials and nuts to your diet can help you add much-needed calories. Carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals are the various nutrients seen in foods also constitute healthy items and also include fruits and vegetables for better nourishment. On the whole healthy foods are those which are abundant with fat.

UNHEALTHY WAY is to eat all the fatty foods, oily food, and fried items. Fatty foods like lard, margarine, butter and clarified butter are taken in restricted quantities. Safflower, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, Olive oil and Flaxseed oil is unsaturated fats. These foods make you to become plump but it’s not the healthy way to increase your weight.

BY EXERCISE means not by doing heavy workout for muscle (and also muscle does not increase desired weight if your already slim).If you’re looking to gain weight through exercise stop doing fat burning workouts Judi Slot88. Exercise with weights and machines and minimize aerobic exercise until your weight goes up and stabilizes. Do this 3-4 times a week for an hour.

USE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS like glucose, protein tablets and you may also try with protein shakes (if you can tolerate it) a day (30 grams of protein per shake with fruit and milk or rice milk). You can add flaxseed oil to the shake for more calories also (Talk to your doctor and ask him to refer you to a dietitian to make specific recommendations based on your current food intake, frame size and activity levels.