7-Day Superfood Meal Plan
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7-Day Superfood Meal Plan

The word “Superfood” might just be a marketing term coined to describe and categorize certain foods but the term has been apt name for most foods that are labeled of it. Most superfoods are known for their great health benefits but what distinguish them from other nutritional foods is they contain specific components, anti-oxidants mostly, which is deemed helpful for certain medical conditions.

Superfoods are powerhouse foods. Although these benefits are known to some, others still find it hard to include these kinds of foods in their diet. Mostly because there is no specific plan for these meals, and two, some may take time and ingenuity to be prepared.

These suggested 7 day Superfood plan though shouldn’t be substituted with a nutritionist recommendation if you have any. This should only serve as a guide and can be modified. There are other superfoods one can add to it but why go for the superfoods? What are the benefits of Superfoods?

Superfood Diet Benefits

  1. It helps cleanse the body. Most superfoods have high levels of enzymes that are anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants help purge the body from all toxins as well as from free radicals that may come from the environment.
  2. Fight certain kinds of diseases. Superfoods are known and studied to help prevent certain diseases. These may include diabetes, certain cancers, high blood, heart disease, obesity and other.
  3. Help in weight loss. Since these superfoods are natural, it may help people stabilize weight, lose the extra flabs and shoo away obesity.
  4. Offers healthy alternative. Superfoods are healthy alternative to processed foods. It can refresh the body, energize it and keep it active. Most processed foods sap the body’s natural energizers.
  5. Maintain some healthy body. Superfood can help you maintain a healthy body. From all its anti-oxidants and other nutrients, superfoods can fight disease, protect the body and strengthen the immune system.

Some superfoods may need to be prepared with care. This makes everything more special, you made it yourself. And this will inspire you and your family to be healthy. And as said Situs Judi Bola, the above are suggestions which may not make up the whole meal plan itself. You can add some personal touches to it.