5 Salads Garnished With Weight Loss Herbs
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5 Salads Garnished With Weight Loss Herbs

When you use weight loss herbs like basil and rosemary for garnishing your salads, you can make the meals more delicious and flavor-rich without adding extra calories or sugar or fats to them. Herbs and unsalted seasonings can help to make your lunches and dinners tastier without compromising on their nutritional content. Most of these natural herbs contain weight loss properties and are very beneficial for your skin and hair. They can lower risks of osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, cataracts, muscular

degeneration and high blood pressure. Dried herbs can be used for preparing sauces and salads, soups and pasta dishes, fish and meat dishes. Along with herbs, spices like cayenne, cumin, ginger, coriander and chili can help you out to eat slowly and encourage better metabolism. You can eat the following salads garnished with weight loss herbs:

Lettuce and cucumber salad with herb vinaigrette: Romaine lettuces are tender and are healthiest when eaten straight from the garden. You can prepare a salad using peppery radishes and hard-boiled eggs. To make the vinaigrette, the cucumbers can be pureed and mixed with oil, vinegar, parsley, mushrooms, yogurt, sugar and salt using a blender. The lettuce is mixed with chopped garlic in a wooden bowl and the vinaigrette is then poured over the greens. Eggs are used as a garnish.

Chickpeas with parsley: This is a colorful salad which is rich in aroma and flavor. The chickpeas, parsley, grated carrots, onions and mint are mixed in a bowl. Salt and pepper are used for seasoning. A small amount of oil and lemon juice are blended and then poured over the parsley and chickpeas.

Cucumber, tomato and basil: This cooling salad is a favorite with most dieters and contains cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, basil and balsamic vinaigrette. The cucumbers can quench thirst and prevent inflammation; tomatoes contain lycopene while basil is an herb with antioxidants.

Grape and feta salad with rosemary: For this salad, you will need grapes, fresh rosemary, olive oil, feta cheese and salad greens, raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper. You can combine the grapes, cheese, olive oil and rosemary in a bowl and sprinkle pepper on top. The greens are tossed with vinegar and salt and placed on a plate. The cheese mix is then poured over it. Rosemary extracts help to keep you full by slowing down the digestion of fats.

Cucumber Thai salad with coriander: To prepare this, cucumbers are cut into many long strips and placed in a bowl. Shallots, green onions, coriander etc are added to it and some coriander is set aside for garnishing this salad. The dressing tastes slightly pungent at first but when combined with this salad, it tastes delicious. This salad is garnished with coriander leaves and chopped peanuts.

These salads are easy to make at home and you can use many weight loss herbs to make them look and taste better. Knowing the weight loss effects of herbs, many acclaimed weight loss programs keenly garnish their diet meals with weight loss herbs discussed above. For instance, grocery guide includes most of the herbs discussed above. You can find interesting recipes in Nutrisystem’s recipe centre that make best use of the herbs. While herbs cannot be treated as magic weight loss pills, they can definitely help you control weight gain especially when managing your appetite is a challenge.