New Year Special - Fitness Tips
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New Year Special – Fitness Tips

Keeping your body fit is a very personal thing. And a lot of people have been asking me what fitness tips are the best to engage in, but, like I always say and I will repeat again, fitness is a personal routine and it means different things to different people. But for the purpose of this article, I will base my answers on body fitness tips. So let’s begin.


How do you keep your body fit? There are lots of ways to keep your body fit physically but, let us discuss the very popular ones which are: Pushups, Sit ups, going to the gym, Weight lifting, Aerobics, Skiing, Running the track, taking the early morning jugs and so on

Now that we have listed the methods to physically keep our body fit, let us discuss in detail each method and how to use them to achieve our fitness goal.


Doing a considerable number of pushups could be a great way of keeping your body fit. But it must be noted that pushups must not be rushed because if it is rushed, the individual will easily get stressed out by the push up routine and will get discouraged keeping his body fit. Now, having said all these, what then is the best way to approach and master the use of pushups fto achieve our fitness goals? The answer to this question is in the way we study and understand ourselves. For example, if you are just starting out with push-ups, it is advisable to do between 1 to 3 push-ups per day because at the start, your hands has to be trained to carry the weight of your body and as a starter, you have to learn how to use your hands to carry the weight of the rest of your body; because that is what push-ups are meant for! To develop your hands!


Sit-ups are also good for keeping our body fit sit-ups help us develop the muscles of the hand. Also, like push-ups, sit-ups must be approached lightly and gradually by starters to avoid being stressed out. For example, an expert might decide to do say 50 sit-ups per day, but if an amateur tries such, he will have himself to blame because he does not realize that it took a while for the pro to become a professional. In short, to build any part of the body, you must not stress the muscle you are trying to build with too much exercise or routine at the start because the muscle only get stronger as you do more exercise by the day.


Going to the gym is the best way to get started with your body fitness goal because in the gym, you will find professional body fitness trainers who will examine your fitness level and tell you where exactly to get started from.

For example Slot88, if you want to go into playing basketball professionally, and you go into the gym, your goal will be to develop your arms and legs so they will have enough stamina right? But the truth is after you must have been examine by the fitness trainer you will b told what particular routine will be better for you to get started with.

Also in the gym, you meet lots people like you who are interested in achieving some fitness goal or Fitness Tips and that will give you the opportunity to ask questions from them. Ask them how they think they can achieve their goal and when they tell you their plan, try as much as possible to make use of the brilliant ideas they pass to you and I believe when you do so, the sky will be your starting point for your fitness goal!