Stay Away From Pimple Outbreak by Having Regular Sleep
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Stay Away From Pimple Outbreak by Having Regular Sleep

We do not want pimples to stay with our faces forever. It stresses out more with its presence. We can go to our own dermatologists for some health tips but when we continue to have an irregular pattern of sleeping, acne will continue to rise up on our skin and the cycle will just be infinite. To treat the effect, we have to cure the cause. Some are the important activities to have a regular sleeping pattern.

Accomplish what you can accomplish at an earlier time.

  1. Set priorities: whether you are still a student or working, you have to have your goals and learn to achieve it according to its level of priority.
  2. Create a calm and peaceful sleeping environment: no one can sleep properly with a noisy and messy bedroom. Fix your sleeping sanctuary and keep it clean. If you cannot help external noises, get your iPod and play a calming music that can help you sleep soundly.
  3. Avoid drinking more water at night. Drinking lots of water will cause you to urinate late at night. Our body needs to excrete the urine and if we drink more at night, the obvious scenario will be nocturnal diuresis or simply frequent urination in between our sleep.
  4. Learn to put limit in using the internet. Internet should be fun and helpful, but it doesn’t have to be the ultimate reason to your sleepless nights. Use the internet for a certain amount of time. An hour or two will be enough. Turn off your technological gadgets and sleep.
  5. Sleep in a completely dark room or if it isn’t possible, there are affordable sleeping pads that you can put on your eyes so you’ll see nothing but darkness. Studies shows that complete darkness encourage our brain to have a proper and quality sleep.

Have fun partying but not to the extent of not sleeping. It’s your right to have fun, but remember that it’s not fun to have pimples.